Corporate Social Responsibility - plans for all business sizes…

Corporate Social Responsibility - plans for all business sizes…

What is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and why does my business need it?

In the digital age, company’s decisions and their impact on the broader world are on display for all to see. When companies practice corporate social responsibility, they are acting in a way that contributes positively to society. CSR often includes an economic, social or environmental component, wherein companies measure, monitor, and improve their impact on society as a whole. It’s a similar philosophy to the quadruple bottom line, which means companies consider their actions based on their impact on people, planet, profit, and their purpose. All sized companies are invited to play in the sand box on this one. Trust us.

Here are our 7 steps to launching your CSR program:

  1. Define corporate social responsibility to your business and identify others in the field

  2. Understand the benefits to your organization

  3. Get executive buy-in for the program

  4. Establish your baseline and your long-term vision

  5. Explore unique opportunities relevant to your mission

  6. Create metrics to measure your program’s impact

  7. Stay connected with the CSR community

What CSR means at one company can be very different than what it means to other organizations. We will work with you to establish the impact you want your business to have. Some of the benefits? With the right CSR program you will be able to attract and retain the best work force talent. Your customer’s brand loyalty rises with your socially conscious efforts. You establish yourself as a model organization your community..

What will be YOUR mark?